Why I changed my internet nickname

The name Luukuton originates from a nickname I created for Minecraft around 10 years ago: Luukku12. It consists of the word "luukku", which is Finnish and means "hatch" or "trapdoor", and the number 12. There was no particular reason choosing this name back then.

Going forward a year or two I wanted to get rid of the numbers in my name. That's when the name "Luukuton" was born. It basically means "without a hatch" or "hatchless" (a name I've actually used on some sites too!). I was pretty happy with it at first.

But at some point I started to change my mind, probably a few years ago. I felt like the name was a bit too long and hard to pronounce in English. The meaning "without a hatch" wasn't really something I was fond of either.

Now, thinking of a new name is hard. Especially because I wanted the next name to be the one. Something I wouldn't change ever again. So what I did? I didn't even think about it.

Fast-forwarding to this year, I started playing FFXIV (a great game by the way, go and play it). For some reason when I was creating my character, it just clicked. I found a name I really liked. Kohana Sengetsu, or 繊月小花 in kanji. Kohana being the first name and the one I would mostly be using in various places and Sengetsu last name. It's short and simple. It's also a Japanese one, which is a bonus as I've grown fond of the language on my journey of learning it for the past three and half years.

Kohana (小花) has the meaning of a small flower which is cute ❤️, and Sengetsu (繊月) in this case means crescent moon which you can think of as a small throwback to Tsukihime (100% cleared the remake before starting FFXIV, and I LOVED it).

Signing off,

Kohana, Kohana Sengetsu, CrescentKohana, 繊月小花, 🌙🌸

By Marko Leinikka

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