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About Me

Also known as Kohana or CrescentKohana on the internet.

Software Developer and Designer originally from Finland who moved to Japan in 2022 pursuing studies, a career and dreams.

Currently employed at MTI Ltd. as a Software Engineer. Also Student of Computer Science @ University of Helsinki (2019-) and a Special Auditor @ Kyoto University during 2022-2023.

I'm a huge fan of TYPEMOON and Japanese media in general (anime, manga, music, games, VNs). I especially love lore heavy and story driven games with great music and characters like Tsukihime, NieR: Automata, Steins;Gate and FFXIV ♥.

Also, check out my other social media, especially Instagram for some posts of my time here in Japan!


Finnish, English, Japanese

※I recommend checking out Refold for great language learning related content!



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